5 Tips To Fixing Your Garage Door

garageIt is not a surprise that garage doors often need attention, as they are the biggest and heaviest doors in any home. They also have the most moving parts, which can break or wear out. The spring of the garage door does the heavy lifting. When you lift the door, the garage door springs recoil and lift the door for you. Moreover, they are stretched when the door is down.

The door also follows tracks that need to stay aligned and uses rollers to stay in place. The hinges are also there to hold the panels together. If any of these items fail, however, you will need to make an overhead door repair.

1. Consider the simple repairs first

A garage door opener is an electrical device and has some moving parts. Besides, the opener saves you from lifting the door because you just push a button and the door opens. However, a garage door opener is one of those things that have simple problems that can be solved very quickly.

2. Check if an adjustment is needed

Sometimes the door might not properly work if it is out of alignment. However, check if the door needs an adjustment since it is an inexpensive solution to your problem. Make sure you find out what can be adjusted without doing a complete overhaul.

3. Lubricate or replace door rollers

The door moves up and down in the track due to its rollers, but these rollers at some point can seize up or break. You can either replace them or lubricate them as required. Replacing them is very easy and costs less than 5 dollars.

4. Check the condition of the hinges

The door panels move independently of each other because of the support of the hinges. The hinges have a sleeve for the rollers built into them on the sides of the door. Since hinges can rust, break, or seize up, it is important to check their condition. You can repair them if they are broken as it is simple and inexpensive repair.

5. Look at the door springs

Check if the springs are broken as they are the workhorse of your garage door. It can be very difficult or impossible to lift the door when a spring is broken. Replacing these springs is an easy task, but you need to consider their quality because the difficulty level of a spring changes with the type of quality.

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