Getting Your PPI Premiums Back – Without Being “Stung”

Okay, you live in the UK and you want to know if you can reclaim your ppi premiums on a miss sold insurance policy.

This article is here to explore how you can make this a quick & painless exercise, rather than a long, drawn out affair where you are guessing the best course of action to get your cash back the fastest.

What are “ppi premiums”?

PPI Premiums are the payments that have been made on protection insurance policies.  These are the payments that go into the insurance policy in return for the protective insurance.

With ppi policies, you need to find out if you had been miss sold the insurance at the beginning.  For some people this can be a little difficult because it was a long time ago when they took out the policy, so they will need to cast their mind back to the time when they filed the loan/credit card agreement and actually procured the credit.

If this is difficult for you though, you can commission the services of a ppi claims firm, and what these people will do for you is go through your policies and check to see if there is anything related to payment protection insurance contained in them.  This is invaluable for you, as these UK experts will be able to tell you if you have been miss sold any policies, and will also advise you on what they can do about them for you (and whether or not they can take the claim on your behalf, hopefully giving you a successful payout).

Good companies out there should really charge no more than 20% for a successful claim, with the most expensive amongst them charging in excess of 39% on a no win no fee basis.  This fee is a large one though, and if you shop around (like in the case with ppi claims 4 you) you can get away with paying only 15% (no win no fee), which is a much more appropriate and reasonable fee to pay for such a service, and the process will be made easy and stress-free.

There are more than 400 websites online in relation to reclaiming your ppi premiums, however you need to check through the terms and conditions when searching through these because services may vary from one claims provider to the next. Tere are some companies that only charge 10%, however the cheapest is not always the best option, so check up on that.

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