Review of Regal Assets Gold Company

goldWith the future’s economic uncertainties, more and more people are searching for a way to protect their assets and diversify their investment portfolios. While there are a number of ways to do so, more people are turning to precious metals for their investments. In particular, gold investment is a growing trend among retirees. The price of gold is on the constant rise. It is also the only form of investment that stays protected regardless of the value of currency. In economic turmoil, gold will only increase in value. With a gold individual retirement account, or IRA, gold is stored away for the future rather than paper based currency.

With that being said, a gold IRA has its own risks. If not done properly, an investment may not work out and actually lose money. That is why it is important for people to have proper guidance. Many companies provide products and guidance to help would-be investors. One such company is Regal Assets.

About Regal Assets

With offices in Los Angeles, Burbank, London, and Waco, Regal Assets helps people buy and sell precious metals. They deal with gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and a number of other metals. Customers work with experts to strategically invest in bullion, coins, and other forms of precious metals.

What Makes Regal Assets One Of The Best?

Regal Assets has a worldwide reputation for being a great company to work with. In fact, many financiers have praised the company for the benefits they provide. With over 50 years of experience, the company has made a solid name for themselves in the world of Gold IRA. If you are on the fence about them, here are a few reasons why they are one of the best.

Low Fees

While most don’t realize it, there are actually fees involved with Gold IRA. In addition to common administration fees, you have to pay to have your gold stored. This is an important part of purchasing gold. Some companies charge a lot of money for storage fees while not taking complete care of their customer’s gold. In many cases, gold is lumped together with another metal, which could ultimately degrade the quality of the gold through scratches or substandard handling. Regal Assets is known for their superb care and low fees. In fact, the company has the lowest fee on the market. They charge an annual fee of $250. There are no surprise fees or surcharges. That flat fee will ensure that the gold is stored in a safe place properly.


Not all gold IRA companies have the options that Regal Assets does. Many work solely with one form of gold, such coins. However, Regal Assets has a wide range of products to invest in. Their wide selection of products can help even the most stringent customer. These options can help you further diversify your portfolio. Not only that, but Regal Assets has very favorable prices as well.


Regal Assets has a strict delivery guarantee of 7 days. Every order is delivered within that time frame after they have received your funds. This is a great benefit that not every gold IRA company provides. In fact, many companies take months to deliver, leaving their customers in the dark. Furthermore, Regal Assets insures their orders. It removes the risk of unnecessary losses. Ultimately, you can order safely without having to worry about a thing. In the off chance that a delay occurs, the company provides a free Silver American Eagle form for compensation.

Skill and Efficiency

This is one of the most valuable benefits Regal Assets has to offer. The staff is professional and knowledgeable in their field. They can provide the best information to their customers. They have the skill to provide excellent advice and answers to any question their customers may have. Their guidance is one of the most valuable things they have to offer. Not only does their skill help with smart investing, but they can also get things done efficiently. Many other companies take months to complete an investment, delaying the shipment of the gold. With Regal Assets, the process is done quickly and efficiently.

Here’s a great review of Regal Assets from to learn more about their quality of service.


Regal Assets has an outstanding 99.9% customer satisfaction rating. This is evident by all of the great testimonials they get from customers around the world. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and five stars at TrustLink. On TrustLink alone, the company has 235 five star ratings. They’ve also gotten much acclaim from the press such as Forbes and Inc Magazine.

The company works with a number of organizations, such as Professional Coin Grading Service, Numismatic Conservation Service, and Certified Gold Exchange to ensure that their products are authentic. They use these organizations to authenticate their rare and collectible coins, ensuring that investors are getting the most bang for their buck.

Rolling Over Your Existing IRA to a Gold IRA

retirementThe process of rolling over your existing IRA to a Gold IRA with Regal Assets is relatively simple. It starts out with a form that is available on their website. From there, they will email the IRA Paperwork. Once completed, it can be sent back via email. Everything is done electronically, speeding up the processing times. They will then create an IRA account, the details of which will be sent to you. You must then email documents for your transfer.

At this point, Regal Assets will contact your current custodian about the transfer on your behalf. They arrange the transfer and keep you in the loop the entire process. They update you throughout the process via email or telephone. Once the funds are transferred, an account executive will contact you with some investment options.

They will present you with your options at that moment. This includes the types of precious metals available and their current prices. Once you decide on your investments, the prices are locked in. The items will then be shipped in 7 days or less. Regal Assets informs you when your gold has arrived at storage. It can then be viewed online at any time.

Delivery and Storage

As mentioned before, Regal Assets has one of the fastest delivery times available. They have a guaranteed delivery of 7 days once the funds are available. The company also insures every delivery, taking responsibility for it until it reaches storage.

Precious metal is stored at Brinks. Brinks takes outstanding care of their precious metals. In fact, every account has its own storage. Even the gold and silver are separated to ensure that the quality of the metals stay intact. Brinks has high security standards to protect all of the assets. Customers will not have to worry about their gold.


Regal Assets has great pricing options. When it comes to storage and administrative fees, they have the lowest on the market. With the security and segregation that Brinks has on every account, customers are actually getting a lot for the annual $150 storage fee. Other gold IRA companies charge twice that for segregated storage. Regal Assets also charges $100 a year in administrative fees, making the total $250 a year to work with them. That is incredibly affordable compared to other companies. Not only that, but Regal Assets actually waives fees associated with a customer’s retirement account the first year.

Is It Worth It?

All in all, Regal Assets is a fantastic company to work with. They provide top-notch customer service to anyone looking to protect their future. They have low fees and world-class service. Not only that, but the insurance they provide is priceless. Their seasoned and professional staff is there from day one to help you make smart decisions about your future. With all of the benefits they have, it is no surprise that they are one of the best gold IRA companies out there.

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